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"It’s been an absolute delight working alongside Lisa over the past few months, and I feel that we’ve covered a lot of ground during that time.
We’ve been working on facing fears around the changes I want to make in my career.  She’s helped me reframe the internal dialogue I battle with, which can often wreck my plans and make me feel like an imposter.
Lisa listens and really hears me, but it’s more than that.  It’s almost like she sees into my soul and my dreams and my desires, and she pushes me to make those dreams come true with her words of validation that I am capable of everything I want out of life.
Working with Lisa will make you feel like you have someone in your corner, someone that has your back, someone to give you that drink of replenishing water, words of confidence and praise, someone that is rooting for you to win whatever your “battle” is. She’s also really good at calming you down if things become a little overwhelming – as was the case during one of my sessions.  I went from crying and being unable to breathe properly at the beginning of the session, to laughing and feeling completely like me by the end.  And this is the magic of Lisa.
Being accountable to Lisa encourages me to make the changes we have discussed in our sessions.  She checks in to see how I’m progressing and asks if there’s anything else she can help me with, and sees things I miss.  Important things.  Things that will undoubtedly change my life for the better.
In a very large nutshell – life coaching with Lisa has really improved my life, and I’m looking forward to more of these empowering and supportive coaching sessions throughout the coming months."

Emma, Music Industry

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“I can’t recommend her enough as a coach – and whilst alcohol related issues are her speciality, she also deals with all sorts of other areas without judgement. Lisa supports people to understand their demons, unlock what they truly want out of life and find their way to being happy.

She coached me through lockdown re managing anxiety and keeping myself out of depression, and I have to say I’ve come through it feeling chilled and positive and very much in control of my life, which is a pretty good place to be.”

Kerensa, 47, Art Tutor

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"I have now completed 8 sessions of coaching with Lisa and can honestly say I am amazed at how much I get out of each and every one.

I initially signed up as I felt at a crossroads, I’d been made redundant and was struggling with which route to take. However we have tackled various concerns along the way including limiting beliefs and untruths I’ve carried with me for years, confidence in the various roles I have… eg Mum, business owner etc, habits I want to kick, change or start and more.

Lisa has helped me change my thoughts and patterns of bad habits, self sabotage and lack of confidence in myself. If I find myself reverting to these feelings, (and that can be quite often in the current climate of Covid), I now recognise these quickly and have the strategies to switch back into positive traits. I feel like I have already come such a long way in this journey of self discovery.

Lisa has a warm and calm nature and allowed me the space to explore my own thoughts and solutions, gently asking the right questions or picking up on something I’d mentioned to push me forward every time. Thank you Lisa. Xx

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"Working with Lisa helped me to build a clear and focused picture of how I wanted my life to be.

When life gets busy and you don’t have time to think, you end up procrastinating or going round and round in circles in your mind- getting nowhere.

Lisa’s sessions helped me to clearly articulate what I was trying to vision, break down steps & set achievable goals.

I’d recommend life coaching to anyone who’s feeling a bit stuck and wants help with pushing forwards.”

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"I wanted to send this to you, to let you know how much you have helped me on my path, to assist me with finding myself and for enabling me to get off the roundabout that I have been going round and round on for many years. 

You gave me the support and tools to believe in myself, more than I have ever done before. On my journey with you Lisa I started to trust myself, love myself and be proud of myself. 

You gave me the power within myself to recognise  when the self doubt and second guessing was starting to creep in and to be able to go with my gut instinct. 

You allowed my journey to be at my own pace, have the sessions when I felt strong enough to do so. 

You gave me the ability to reflect back on myself, see what I wanted for my life and to go an grab it with both hands. 

I will never take second best, I will never not let my voice be heard, I will never lose me again. 

You are so kind, caring and supportive. The way you send podcasts to me and message to ask how I’m doing and the quick calls outside of the sessions helped pick me up and keep me going."


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"Just over 7 months ago, my life felt stuck and at a crossroads. I was exhausted, overwhelmed but I also felt unfulfilled. I had really lost my mojo.

I knew my number one goal was to give up drinking. Since being a teenager, I’d always used alcohol as a crutch. To help with social anxiety, to appear more fun, to celebrate, to relieve boredom, and also to numb the pain when I was suffering emotionally.

I knew at the age of 43 something had to change. I wanted to get up early at weekends, go for walks, exercise more and pursue hobbies.

Today I am 7 months alcohol free. During this time, I’ve healed and the future feels much brighter.

Through my coaching sessions with Lisa, we have worked on transitioning into a new career. I have established a better work/life balance by setting clear boundaries at work so I don’t feel completely drained. I also have a much better daily routine which includes more time for me. My pot is feeling much fuller! 

Lisa’s is so supportive, encouraging and really takes time to listen. Lisa has helped me to turn my life around and I’m so grateful!"

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“Lisa has a natural talent to make you feel at ease, not only with her but with yourself.

Life coaching felt daunting to me before I worked with Lisa, I thought it would be someone telling me I had no control of my life and that I needed to feel extreme positivity at all times in order to be happy or successful. This was not the case.

Lisa is non-judgmental, warm and kind, the time or “the goal” is not set by Lisa but by yourself. Lisa took me on a journey of self-discovery, somehow by allowing me the time and a safe space to look at where I wanted to go in life, gratitude for the present and in turn ignited excitement for my future, putting in motion something I have thought about and never had the courage to do until now.

I would highly recommend Lisa to anyone who wanted to realign to themselves and take control of their own happiness.”

Elaine, 34, Brand Manager

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