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Lisa Luxford | Lifestyle and well-being coach | Life Coach



What’s included

  1. A full partnership with your coach and dedicated client space for priority communication over 3 months from the start of your first session. Please know however, that whilst there needs to be clarity about time and how it is used, this is not our priority. I have your back and what is important is getting you to where you need to be. Communication doesn't come to a sharp end after the 3 months. Once you are a client, staying connected is important to me, even outside of our agreed partnership.

  2. Your partnership officially includes a vision-setting session, plus a minimum of 8 sessions, lasting between 45 and 75 minutes and a wrap-up reflection session.

  3. In-between sessions, you’ll have self-reflection exercises to continue your exploration, and action points that I’ll hold you accountable to.

  4. We will start the partnership with a ‘What I want worksheet’ to get really clear on the intention and impact of our work together.

  5. In between sessions, there will be access to email and Whatsapp support with me. I’ll share resources relevant to what we’re working on together - videos, PDFs, book and podcast suggestions etc.

Lisa Luxford | Lifestyle and well-being coach | Life Coach
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