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Lisa Luxford | Lifestyle and well-being coach | Life Coach
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Lisa Luxford

Become the happiest person you know

Are you ready to stride confidently in a whole new direction?


Do you feel like there was a road map for the first half of your life? Did it incorporate some or all the following at pre-decided intervals?

-    School, college/university
-    Career
-    Marriage
-    Children

Have you achieved all these milestones, you’re at about the mid-way point in life and you’re thinking now what? 

You’ve come to the edge of the map and you’re thinking, ‘I feel a bit lost’

Do you want to take the road less travelled? 

Are you up for a new adventure? 

Does the rest of the pre-laid map not really appeal to you?

Do you want to forge your own path but you’re not sure where that path starts and what it’s made of? 

Lisa Luxford | Lifestyle and well-being coach | Life Coach


I can help you create a vision of a life to which that path leads.

And then I can help you to start to lay the foundations, the first slabs, the first green shoots.

I will help you hold that vision and we can co-create that exciting new way for you.

I have helped women change careers, launch new businesses, grow businesses, leave unhappy relationships, and find love again. I have helped them break up with alcohol and form a new relationship with a healthy lifestyle. Most importantly I help women nurture love with the most important person in their lives. Themselves.


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Would you like to feel comfortable with who you are?

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Do you have a dream, project or idea that burns deep inside you that you just can’t seem to get off the ground?

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Does it always seem like you don’t have the time, skills or finances to get started?

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Does the scale of your dream, whilst inspiring, also daunt you?

Lisa Luxford Butterfly.png

Do you know exactly what to do, but just can’t seem to put in into action?


Ignited excitement for my future

“Lisa has a natural talent to make you feel at ease, not only with her but with yourself.

I put in motion something I have thought about and never had the courage to do until now.”

Elaine, 34, Brand Manager

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